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- I'm training all race's ships and weapon systems to at least mid-level.Mostly to have a more interes ...2011.08.06 06:03:00
- I applaude this well thought out suggestion.It'd be about time to adress the hard work of helping th ...2011.08.05 18:59:00
- *undock *pod self *clothes magically appear in hangar I remember reading somewhere on here that t ...2011.08.05 17:10:00
- Edited by: Aldan Romar on 05/08/2011 17:08:47... Most people will use the items once, change their ...2011.08.05 17:05:00
- What amazes me is that so many folks have to be buying PLEX's with real cash. That speaks volumes ab ...2011.08.05 16:59:00
- The boots are a special plague as they are the only item available for 1,000 AUR.Not long ago I sold ...2011.08.05 03:50:00
- I think NeX clothes shouldn't be destroyable, as no one would pay those prices then.But I also think ...2011.08.02 17:40:00
- I like to leave some of the more 'menial' tasks to my alts.Say research and production without being ...2011.08.01 21:17:00
- I will repost what I wrote in the 'General' forum:If this would be like Red vs Blue with a political ...2011.08.01 20:50:00
- You can wait untill AUR is transferable then give it to me for safekeeping. Don't worry, I won't to ...2011.08.01 12:40:00
- Those 1,000 AUR are a first installment, and as soon as eveisreal reaches the next threshold there w ...2011.08.01 12:36:00
- ... Someone tell me you bought 'em with full price with your "own" AUR earlier to feel special ?-) ...2011.08.01 07:19:00
- No monocle for me, but the boots go nicely with the coat...I need a riding crop now... ...2011.07.31 12:24:00
- 1 no, 2 yes, 3 yes, 4 yes, 5 yes, 6 yes1: Do you join the fight against incursions very often? Neve ...2011.07.31 07:02:00
- I DON'T TO BUY ANY OF THAT STUPID NEX C.R.A.P CCP! I don't need to dress up internet pixels to make ...2011.07.30 23:10:00

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