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- Fantastic Corp, not here for a short term burst, long term goals with the will and drive to achieve ...2011.04.03 18:03:00
- That's the problem I foresee with Dust, too. Unless you're one of the four top shooters, games like ...2011.03.26 22:43:00
- Well that really really sucks :/ Why are they doing that when there's a much bigger market on the P ...2011.03.26 22:14:00
- Not sure if this the right place to post it, but -Will DUST 514 be for PC? - A few people have told ...2011.03.26 21:54:00
- *cough* No-one mentioned that it gets rid of all the mining bots *cough* ...2011.02.28 23:03:00
- I have the opposite problem. My UI is too small due to high screen resolution. But it would be ni ...2011.02.28 22:55:00
- Had a quick look @ - Common Proposed Ideas and couldnt really see any info about this, so.....Is the ...2011.02.28 22:41:00

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