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- indeed ...2011.08.18 20:35:00
- tactic used by huge ***gots. ...2011.08.04 17:48:00
- just saying there is way too many wormholes compared to any other signature types and combat plex si ...2011.07.08 08:24:00
- wormhole,wormhole,wormhole,wormhole,RADAR,wormhole,wormhole,wormhole,wormhole,MAGNETOMETRIC,wormhole ...2011.07.07 22:07:00
- my friends who i have been telling tales of eve and hoped to get em play the game were not impressed ...2011.06.20 15:20:00
- shove russians to separate server. they can bot and rmt there all they like. oh wait, who would they ...2011.06.09 10:05:00
- if russians take all 0.0 that will be the day i unsub all my 3 accounts. many i know ingame agrees w ...2011.06.08 17:59:00
- dont know if its said but fly interdiction nullified covops cloaky T3 ships and watch the camper tea ...2011.05.16 15:59:00
- good thing i dont have to care about jb anymore but still i think this idea is worth of someone goin ...2011.05.16 15:26:00
- russian/russian renter alliance. what a big surprise. go and see other russian entities owned system ...2011.04.19 12:22:00
- extended to 14.30 now.. come on ccp ...2011.04.12 13:28:00
- BFF has been long NC slogan they post in local and meaning best friends forever. ccp copying? :D ...2011.04.07 12:21:00
- So the weekend is over but new weekend wont be far off, lets see what happens this next weekend. ...2011.03.22 02:08:00
- but not for this char. for the character named: newsflash ...2011.03.03 18:38:00
- question about kb. does it take long to api start fetching kills as i activated roughly 1h + ago and ...2011.02.19 05:12:00

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