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- Some thoughts about what i think 0.0 should be:Moon and planet income should be dynamic. If there is ...2011.08.03 16:44:00
- Could someone change the player owned structures already. They could be much much more interesting a ...2011.08.03 15:38:00
- Azrael Dinn,6,19,40,50,96,108,109,114,156,160.199,201 ...2010.11.24 17:15:00
- Recruitment still open ...2010.11.18 15:52:00
- Recruitment still open ...2010.11.17 13:17:00
- Edited by: Azrael Dinn on 17/11/2010 13:16:20 19th Star Logistics is now looking to expand and is r ...2010.11.16 13:36:00
- I just want to shoot my citadel torpedoes at the dust players when they are fighting at the planet : ...2009.12.14 08:53:00
- Edited by: Azrael Dinn on 10/12/2009 18:07:42 may i first ask u why u want a 600mil pvp ship be a m ...2009.12.10 18:04:00
- Edited by: Azrael Dinn on 10/12/2009 17:48:41 Edited by: Azrael Dinn on 10/12/2009 17:43:15 Ha her ...2009.12.10 17:43:00
- Yes and such a shame...Mayby they could fix it :P cause the idea would be nice ...2009.10.05 19:08:00
- So I bet this has been said some where but here goes.As the game evolves abit all the time could we ...2009.10.05 10:06:00
- How about a new titan killer ship class? Just a big "gun" that can shoot only capital size targets o ...2009.06.30 13:11:00
- HiI bet this has been here few times but could ccp please fix rorqual so it doesn't need the industr ...2009.06.30 13:06:00
- Sounds like a nice idea :PYou definetly have my vote on this one cause I feel mining needs some new ...2009.06.30 13:01:00
- Sound interesting I vote yes for these. It has been a while since we had any nice mining related thi ...2008.12.20 09:40:00

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