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- Indeed our prayers go out to her daughter. ...2011.06.26 04:29:00
- I think I'd have to become an alcoholic before I actually start reading the drivel folks like you pu ...2011.06.24 03:29:00
- Ubuntu 10.04 running Gametree Linux v.2010121 Intel i5-2500k w/ stock fan 8g ram EVGA 9600gt 512m ...2011.06.22 13:38:00
- Turn it off. Well I did have to look at my ship in the hanger first which was an awkward walk there ...2011.06.22 13:29:00
- X CQ caused one corp mate to cancel his account tonight, and a few others thinking it over. ...2011.06.22 04:41:00
- How many of you will buy things with AUR? Nope ...2011.06.22 04:28:00
- Nobody is forcing you to play space barbies... if it's too much don't buy it. ...2011.06.22 03:59:00
- Edited by: Utsukushii Hana on 22/06/2011 01:16:00 Amen, CQ adds nothing to the game at all, eye can ...2011.06.22 01:14:00
- Edited by: Utsukushii Hana on 02/02/2011 14:37:01 I'm partial to my pic, worked long and hard on it ...2011.02.02 14:33:00
- *Main* problem.. Mane is something a horse has. :P ...2011.01.28 12:12:00

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