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- I'd like to add 2 points.1. If, in character, you attempt to express your superiority over me (Die, ...2011.07.22 00:43:00
- Successful troll is successful. ...2011.07.21 21:35:00
- I like the use of the 'juvenile' accusation amongst all those baby-tears and petulant foot-stomping. ...2011.07.18 11:37:00
- It's funny how people admit to not voting in the CSM elections and now wish to uphold a "vote" of no ...2011.07.17 08:45:00
- I'm not mad about the NeX store, the Captain's Quarters, the half-done expansion or even the blatant ...2011.07.16 06:21:00
- Go back to WoW if you're unable to stand up to a few bullies. I hear they're handing out teddy bear ...2011.06.28 13:50:00
- As a long time WoW player, I can tell you that WoW started going downhill after the merger with Acti ...2011.06.28 13:41:00
- Matches should be monitored by CCP in-game.If a match is fixed, both teams get blown up, pod and all ...2011.06.28 12:44:00
- On the note of forcing players into PVP, it's the reason I play EVE.I've been a WoW player for over ...2011.06.19 22:05:00

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