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- This type of thing is why the aliens won't let us leave Earth. ...2011.08.23 22:43:00
- God does not existDepends what that word means to you. ...2011.08.10 15:45:00
- the fact remains that humans are nothing more than animals themselvesYes, but animals don't kill out ...2011.08.08 22:17:00
- It could be argued that humans are even more primitive than animals in some regards. ...2011.08.05 22:46:00
- You know nothing of the abyss. ...2011.08.03 13:29:00
- Masons don't know anything any of you cannot learn on your own, without taking any vows. Their knowl ...2011.07.16 01:00:00
- "Om" ...2011.06.29 02:04:00
- I'd travel to desperately poor countries to organize and fund new infrastructure that would provide ...2011.06.02 02:25:00
- The most unlikeliest of people, Charlie Chaplin, in 'The Great Dictator'. ...2011.06.02 02:17:00
- That's a bit optimistic.Odds are much better our greed will kill us off, either through wars or unbr ...2011.05.28 15:11:00
- 5. "A giant eyeball / triangle are behind it"How do you know about the giant eyeball? ...2011.05.23 16:03:00
- Even though this is very superficial i will allow you to use me if you please.Tattva Paalaka ...2011.05.22 04:25:00
- The greek word ἁρπάζω or anglicized harpazō (from wh ...2011.05.21 14:13:00
- what if JC decided to come back in his Jah Rastafari form?That would be Haile Selassie. ...2011.05.21 00:17:00
- The same individual who is claiming this has said the bible 'proved' at least one other date was the ...2011.05.19 02:20:00

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