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- When you see your character and CQ and can "choose" to use the CQ 3D UI, aka going inside ...2011.04.20 12:24:00
- OP,As a gamer, I find posts like this deeply disturbing. When a game feels "like a 2nd job", you QUI ...2011.04.20 12:20:00
- Edited by: Jame Jarl Retief on 19/04/2011 15:37:33 In my (very) limited experience, I feel Gallente ...2011.04.19 15:37:00
- Said it before, and I'll say it again - passing a user interface design course set should be mandato ...2011.04.18 15:12:00
- Edited by: Jame Jarl Retief on 18/04/2011 14:13:48 Edited by: Jame Jarl Retief on 18/04/2011 14:11: ...2011.04.18 13:59:00
- Anyone with common sense should be able to deduce that developing something entirely from scratch do ...2011.04.13 12:12:00
- Edited by: Jame Jarl Retief on 12/04/2011 12:32:59 buy $200 of GTC and purchase a character with so ...2011.04.12 12:29:00
- Gallente desperately need to be looked at, and the issue of balancing is close to the heart of CSM6. ...2011.04.11 13:54:00
- No microtransactions.Full stop.Sorry mate, but there's far too many stupid people out there to not t ...2011.04.10 21:04:00
- But seriously, where I work, people would be fired for this kind of fail.Wanna bet that if someone d ...2011.04.10 15:21:00
- Edited by: Jame Jarl Retief on 10/04/2011 14:08:36 Wrong? Yes. Obviously there was something wrong ...2011.04.10 14:02:00
- I felt new forum lacked a lot of features of the old forum.For example, on my 24" screen, the old fo ...2011.04.10 13:25:00
- Edited by: Jame Jarl Retief on 10/04/2011 13:14:45 Excellent post, and I echo it wholeheartedly.How ...2011.04.10 13:14:00
- Old. Not a doubt in my mind. Layout is better, not as much space is wasted with the portraits, etc. ...2011.04.10 01:16:00
- Personally I feel Dust the way they plan to do it now doesn't stand a chance of being a success. EVE ...2011.04.04 14:55:00

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