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- Heavy BomberGive it the ability to use Citadel Torps (3-4 launchers max), 2 bomb launchers and a sin ...2011.04.21 15:46:00
- Best ISK sink - make ISK an item, that you must transport to the station you are buying things at ...2011.04.06 16:30:00
- Logistics are fine as they are.Station gaming however, is pretty stupid. Repairing someone with an ...2011.03.16 21:23:00
- as soon as a neutral enters the system they warp outMany people run annomlies in eve. They are good ...2011.03.16 21:19:00
- If this was implemented while leaving seiged dreads immune to POS ewar, this would not only nerf SCs ...2011.03.13 13:48:00
- I'll have to add to the wardec and shoot the tower crowd. This is a mechanic that is working as inte ...2011.03.13 13:45:00
- Better idea: Offline POSes take constant damage (from meteorite impacts and such).Small towers migh ...2011.03.13 07:28:00
- One nice thing about amarr for long term WH occupation is that you dont have to deal with importing ...2011.03.12 23:56:00
- of course, you need to complicate it because da ...2011.03.12 23:53:00
- Cheese Nippels and I support this product and/or service ...2011.03.09 04:29:00
- If you are still on grid when the bombs land, you are doing something very very wrong.This. But it ...2011.03.03 01:09:00
- The right way to introduce is a new type of ship is "I have a cool idea, but none of the current shi ...2011.03.03 00:49:00
- Im not sure how you run your missions, but highsec level 4 missions make way more money than most Pv ...2011.02.13 09:01:00
- Even something as simple as different shades of blue would be a huge help. ...2011.02.13 08:55:00
- I was flying around lowsec, looking for something to kill in my rifter. It was slow going because I ...2011.02.09 01:30:00

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