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- For the counter-offensive to Neyix's immeninent attack on jita.Collateral will be the system of jita ...2011.09.01 19:52:00
- Right, time for another round of punches. This time, the contender is Angsty Teenager (Btw, love th ...2011.08.25 19:36:00
- Edited by: Angsty Teenager on 25/08/2011 17:36:34 stuff A) The JF pilot doesn't need to be around t ...2011.08.25 17:36:00
- Edit: When will you learn it is not technical analysis we hate, it is you. I don't like him eithe ...2011.08.23 19:07:00
- If only my bond actually filled.Haters gunna hate. ...2011.08.20 04:17:00
- Edited by: Singeabooty Raj on 19/08/2011 23:04:51 You derailed your own thread not me. Jaxx McCoy h ...2011.08.20 02:32:00
- I own a very large amount of thulium.Pls dun crsh marcet? ...2011.08.20 02:25:00
- Let me tell you a stroy.Noob comes into MD and hippity hoppities over to the new topic button and pr ...2011.08.20 01:58:00
- Let's turn this into a HYDRA RELOADED recruitment thread.If any of you wish to join, please convo me ...2011.08.19 22:38:00
- I could calculate the movement if I knew where Eve-Central was getting their "Initial Volume" and "V ...2011.08.19 21:49:00
- Needing 200M. I don't have any collertal, but this will give me the isk to buy the plex I desperatel ...2011.08.19 21:42:00
- So I'm walking in the grocery store today and I see some spam, and I think, "What does spam rhyme wi ...2011.08.19 21:39:00
- Posting in a hypocrit thread."solo pvp warrior""Coalition"Posting to confirm that jarry here is an a ...2011.08.19 04:41:00
- how i invest bond?pledge -20bil. ...2011.08.19 03:26:00
- I'll tell you why I want them.Basically the sleepers and I have a deal. I rebuy all their loot that ...2011.08.19 03:22:00

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