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- I will say he did a fantastic job of pretending one of his alt's was his "Wife".made me lol ...2011.02.04 07:30:00
- Would suggest pilots traveling through the egghelende system beware as there has been massive pirati ...2011.01.25 18:28:00
- Edited by: Sanai Nobuseri on 23/01/2011 14:17:08 I have windows vista and there is no option for an ...2011.01.23 14:13:00
- Im trying to learn to do planetary interaction, and for some reason when i go into the planetary int ...2011.01.23 04:57:00
- I joined this corp a week or 2 ago, and got to say, an interesting group of people, well organised a ...2011.01.22 15:34:00
- Honor amongst thieves and a sore looser to boot. +1d here for the entertaining read alone ...2011.01.21 12:17:00
- Edited by: Sanai Nobuseri on 20/01/2011 13:15:26 Im trying to learn to do planetary interaction, an ...2011.01.20 13:14:00
- So its not really hate, its just due to boredom and entertainments sake eh? This is certainly one of ...2011.01.17 12:50:00
- BBC Test ...2011.01.17 11:25:00
- Bbc code{/color]Sig test ...2011.01.17 09:30:00
- I am relatively new to the game, and I wanted to Mine, Build ships, stations etc for other people an ...2011.01.17 09:24:00

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