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- Edited by: Ingvar Angst on 06/09/2011 19:23:11Arent they proposing to make t2 research ONLY possible ...2011.09.06 19:22:00
- 3. if u do end up removing abc's from w-space then strip the requirements for those minerals from t3 ...2011.09.06 19:18:00
- Remember that it was never the intention for people to actually live in w-space. You can expect th ...2011.09.06 12:50:00
- We are still looking into the option of altering the ice distribution in EVE, but it's not planned f ...2011.09.06 12:02:00
- It's wierd... every time I pop through a wormhole or a jump gate, the damned cargo latches pop open ...2011.09.05 05:30:00
- Has Greyscale forsaken us? Here's a simple idea I'm mentioned elsewhere, but fits here nicely... sim ...2011.09.02 15:17:00
- At first I thought that it's kinda odd that ships disappear into nothing. You can call it immersion ...2011.09.02 15:09:00
- I really could care less about grammer.That's why she stopped sending you Christmas cards. ...2011.09.02 14:27:00
- Wormhole space is fine. No one shows up in local at all unless you actually chat in it... and if you ...2011.09.02 14:23:00
- Yep, the new forums need to ban anyone trying to use "rediculous" in their posts... (not ban the per ...2011.09.02 14:20:00
- Yes because putting in an AFK timeout will stop all the botters. Idiot. Even limiting cloaks wou ...2011.09.02 14:15:00
- Edited by: Ingvar Angst on 02/09/2011 13:00:29 I gather the lack of expected responses is due to th ...2011.09.02 13:00:00
- I don't see any problems with how things already are. You can already find mission runners, you can ...2011.09.02 12:05:00
- I have been there and I don't believe that way it works now is good game design.Well, your beliefs f ...2011.09.02 11:58:00
- Simpler and much better.1. Cloaked ships disappear from local when cloaked. You're cloaked, that's c ...2011.09.02 11:49:00

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