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- revamp siege mode and it's probably fixed. make siege bonus lesser, and increase base damage bonus, ...2011.01.23 16:41:00
- and as long as you keep going the same direction and speed, you can turn your engines off and just d ...2011.01.23 16:30:00
- bumping ...2011.01.23 16:27:00
- So one of the proposed modules removes all of the passive shield recharge, in favour of increased ca ...2011.01.20 12:41:00
- Now that is a nerf I can behind in earnest. Slap a warning label on the forum, stop with the silly P ...2011.01.19 18:44:00
- My guess is that it would stress the servers too much. Even though I have the exact same issue. I ca ...2011.01.19 18:42:00
- This is not Star Trek Online!that's totally true, therefore: armor tanking should also be viable :P ...2011.01.19 11:34:00
- launching drones only makes sense if you only have one set of drones in your bay. and most droner sh ...2011.01.19 11:28:00
- yeah, I usually clicked people I wanted to be more aware of. so their portrait would be more of a vi ...2011.01.19 11:24:00
- What I would like to see is the ability to double click on someone's portrait and get a half or fu ...2011.01.19 11:20:00
- yeah, opting to basically remove your shields in favor for some more active armor tanking would be s ...2011.01.19 11:16:00
- Suddenly my setup 5 accounts and spam POS fuels for profit idea doesn't seem so smart anymore. buy ...2011.01.19 11:10:00
- and please start adding some of the old accessories from the old char creator. it was alot more arti ...2011.01.19 11:06:00
- good threads :) got my support ...2011.01.19 11:00:00
- also possible: perform a "view market details" automatically upon opening the "modify order" dialog. ...2011.01.19 10:57:00

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