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- Because someone in this thread needs to...I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys-R-Us kid. There's a mil ...2011.08.21 00:29:00
- BREAKING NEWS! Parents buy their kids videogames.While true, I do buy video games for my kids, the ...2011.08.20 12:55:00
- ok SOMEONE pls explain me why ANYONE would pay a "security deposit" to a corp u want to join ?This, ...2011.08.19 10:31:00
- Hi AllStarted in January 2011, played for a while and had to stop due to personal reasons. Have re-s ...2011.08.07 22:09:00
- The mission pocket itself should stay open as long as there is a pilot in the pocket. This is a cha ...2011.02.07 20:25:00
- How long will ore sites spawned from missions last. For instance, can I mission on one account and m ...2011.02.07 20:08:00
- Face facts, If patchs were "paid" for that would force CCP to release patchs that work properly. So ...2011.02.07 16:34:00
- Does it help when i say that my first computer was a C 64 console?Can aybody top this? TRS 80 ...2011.01.29 11:48:00
- Awesome guide. I am a week or so old newb, and I don't feel that way anymore. Thanks for this!Questi ...2011.01.27 11:55:00
- Popped in game to your channel this morning, and sent you an ingame mail. I'm on at varying interva ...2011.01.24 18:40:00
- what u think? 0/10, i dont like looking at dudes. :)Nice closeup, good positioning.9/10 ...2011.01.19 10:43:00
- Like how everyone looks different. Adds personality. :P ...2011.01.18 23:23:00
- New player, never heard about learning skills. After understanding what they are, I see why new play ...2011.01.17 14:42:00

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