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- Edited by: Sephira Galamore on 25/07/2011 12:52:32 Sephira Galamore,3,27,46,71,75,83,88 ...2011.07.25 08:53:00
- Voting for the Tristan! :) ...2011.07.10 23:28:00
- There are difficult times ahead. Yes, indeed. Difficult times for everyone. ...2011.06.08 12:07:00
- However I do suddenly realize I could make quite a lot of ISK brokering merc contracts between japan ...2011.06.08 11:09:00
- They will disable all the stargates. Our way of life will be over! ...2011.06.07 08:21:00
- Edited by: Sephira Galamore on 31/05/2011 14:48:24 Actually? Steam.I had heard of Eve before but n ...2011.05.31 14:48:00
- Oh, and Chribba, dont know the exact time now (and I'm at work) nor the exact wording but I believe ...2011.05.30 21:20:00
- This. Is. Awesome!Watched it last night, but I have to watch it again today, without beeing dead tir ...2011.05.30 07:47:00
- They are out to get you. They are watching. They are evil.And they have a plan? ...2011.05.17 16:00:00
- How come your name is so similar to mine? Long-lost sister?!i?! Would ask my parents if I knew whe ...2011.05.10 08:10:00
- I love space! :) ...2011.05.10 07:42:00
- Edited by: Sephira Galamore on 09/05/2011 14:26:47 GMs just sit all day long and chat with noobs. I ...2011.05.09 14:26:00
- If it is giving him real life pleasure to make real life people miserable it is NOT acting. It does ...2011.05.09 10:10:00
- Last time I checked it worked on my Eee 1000H (WSVGA, 1024x600) in fullscreen mode. Worked meaning: ...2011.04.27 15:47:00
- No running on the promenade! ...2011.04.20 08:40:00

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