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- Sounds to me like CCP needs to retake the politics lesson, listen to us, and FIX THE FRICKING LAG TH ...2011.07.13 22:34:00
- Edited by: Sam Flynn on 17/02/2011 00:43:01 what id like to see is-The Ability to salvage other peo ...2011.02.17 00:39:00
- we know that IRC chatting is compatible, but make youtube compatible with the ingame browser already ...2011.02.17 00:21:00
- i agree, make the mission goal only available to those that started the mission, not anyone ...2011.02.17 00:19:00
- Edited by: Sam Flynn on 16/02/2011 04:44:48 hey the Eclipse matches the Sansha easily. they are con ...2011.02.16 04:42:00
- i have new ship types. heres what I proposeAIGES: Type 3 Destroyercan be fitted with missiles (up to ...2011.02.16 03:41:00
- ok fine topic dropped! lets just get on with our lives and that sort of crap. ...2011.01.23 18:51:00
- which is the reason I have included Neuclear Physics LVL 5 as a requirement for the tactical neuclea ...2011.01.22 23:01:00
- i've been wandering about Neuclear Missiles for the game as either Tactical Cruise Missiles or Dooms ...2011.01.22 18:47:00
- second, there may be many star wars fans playing the game that feel EVE ONLINE is incomeplete with ...2011.01.17 02:25:00
- Edited by: Sam Flynn on 17/01/2011 00:22:33I totally support this ideia....but only for Star Wars MM ...2011.01.17 00:16:00
- oh the leaviathan class titan there in the Luminaire system is a destructable large collidable objec ...2011.01.16 23:05:00
- Edited by: Sam Flynn on 16/01/2011 22:41:35 Edited by: Sam Flynn on 16/01/2011 22:40:33 True, it w ...2011.01.16 22:39:00
- the answers are simple, its not because i think it would be cool, its because it would be handier. t ...2011.01.16 21:16:00
- please post your opinion about this idea. ...2011.01.16 20:51:00

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