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- The moderators banned me there for no apparent reason. All I did was write battle reports and give ...2011.05.18 09:37:00
- Happy Birthday NSN and I miss you guys from the days of TRI mk.2 which is memorable and fun. Also I ...2010.08.23 11:51:00
- Two years with old and new faces and will continue going forward. :) ...2010.07.13 16:50:00
- N40 is awesome corp. Free bump for some ex-TRI mates that I flown with in past. :) Never forget our ...2010.01.04 15:49:00
- Edited by: the SNEEP on 07/11/2009 19:50:08 I got on ladyscarlet's kill mail, op success.e: someone ...2009.11.08 03:47:00
- Saying hi to some old friends I know in DICE. QD, fire 59, nilie, lukec (if he's ever around), speed ...2009.09.26 02:16:00
- Nice work on the acquisition of those ships. After all the time spent in RKK, which is no different ...2009.08.29 05:14:00
- <3 cora, and sad to see it go ...2009.08.21 23:10:00
- Whether or not the news is true makes no difference. GL always to Dian & rest of RKK and hope you'll ...2009.08.09 19:18:00
- First the fall of BOB.Now NC spanks PL.The suprises never end. standing resets, best resets ...2009.08.07 17:40:00
- So how many is this now? I lost count after 3 corp thefts. And hi BNC with Eclipse too! <3 ...2009.07.06 16:17:00
- Sorry to hear about CEI loss as I was part of RZR when 49-u had the epic 1400+ fleet fight. Corp the ...2009.06.24 17:58:00
- Nice Aeons, we'll take them! ...2009.05.11 10:34:00
- I also agree that the new graphic for a capital jumping in and out from point A to point B is very d ...2009.03.25 08:01:00
- I expect no less than to see many goons and their friends purged from our region and evicted from th ...2009.02.07 19:23:00

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