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- Edited by: Teranul on 12/07/2011 03:23:53 I got a recustomization as well, but I'm not using it rig ...2011.07.12 03:24:00
- Posting to remind you all that the minimum breast size has indeed changed, and that it is not a good ...2011.07.10 04:10:00
- Edited by: Teranul on 09/07/2011 01:42:21 I just have to ask - What is the point of having these it ...2011.07.09 01:39:00
- Still utterly perplexed as to what's going on here. No dev response? Annnyyooonnne? Please? ...2011.07.08 17:06:00
- Edited by: Teranul on 06/07/2011 21:44:31 remove gate guns in low sec. you'd see even lower lowsec ...2011.07.06 21:44:00
- Well I think CCP did that "size increase" to get more guys on EVEAnother Marketing Ploy As preposter ...2011.07.06 19:00:00
- Well even though I can think of no way (for me) to reproduce the bug/feature, or even describe it ...2011.07.04 20:53:00
- ? Or, as my very first theory I came up with, boobjobs are mandatory in the future. Ugh, what a de ...2011.07.03 19:47:00
- Am I reading correctly that the new minimum breast size, even with a redo, is pretty big? Yes. Wher ...2011.07.03 19:41:00
- Come on, CCP. Own up to your mistakes! Granted, you've got like a hundred of them to own up to atm, ...2011.07.02 15:35:00
- Had to use my character redo to get a breast reduction.Unfortunately, this does *absolutely nothing* ...2011.07.02 15:27:00
- I feel compelled to point out that, for whatever reason, the specular pass does not seem to exist in ...2011.07.02 04:58:00
- lol u r uglyActually, she's rather attractive -- in the first picture, at least.He!What's wrong with ...2011.07.02 03:03:00
- No votes should be necessary. It should just be friggin' bloody common sense! More options is ALWAYS ...2011.07.02 00:50:00
- Edited by: Teranul on 01/07/2011 23:45:30I think you are mistaking the terms: "nerf" and "buff" As ...2011.07.01 23:42:00

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