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- I realize I went at this the wrong way and needed a better analogy.CCP, this is not how you get peop ...2011.08.03 10:57:00
- huh...I petitioned to have my 1k Aurum removed. I'm silly like that.Oooh.... I like this idea bette ...2011.08.01 12:40:00
- This is win then? Silly me, I didn't realize there was a grand plan and that one day I would get my ...2011.08.01 12:38:00
- Hadn't thought of that one, but it really doesn't wash away the stupid... ...2011.08.01 12:32:00
- So, seriously, thanks. Now I have 1000 aurum on 5 accounts I'll never spend. Why, you ask? Simple, t ...2011.08.01 12:28:00
- I'm glad other people are siezing on this... the rollout was anything but smooth if you're a mac use ...2011.06.27 12:50:00
- Industry screen is broken. Cannot access corporate blueprint collection via this tab... interface ov ...2011.06.22 12:35:00
- signed x5 accountsps: thought we'd gotten past fear and loathing in the mac client but I guess it's ...2011.06.22 02:50:00
- Start training... ...2011.06.08 12:16:00

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