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- Lets face it, the builder of a station has zero profit mostly from stations.Most stations build are ...2011.09.03 17:57:00
- carebear: most of the socalled pvp pilots in 0.0, that are picking the lazy and easiest way to live ...2011.08.26 23:37:00
- Normally I would direct anyone with specific question to our petition system. However, we get this q ...2011.08.04 19:52:00
- hint use an alt to help you with something.... ...2011.07.23 10:18:00
- Tell her, they made the door specially for her! And that she can later join this game and dress up ...2011.07.23 10:16:00
- "the logs show nothing" has nothing to do with ccp, but is a general attitude problem almost all GM' ...2011.07.12 19:49:00
- Edited by: Jack BingKaria on 10/07/2011 19:14:26 I wonder why these ccp people use the word: dev TE ...2011.07.10 19:12:00
- I wonder why these ccp people use the word: dev TEAM, in their portrait. Lets be honest, they dont ...2011.07.10 18:29:00
- The only reason they hold it back might be rather simple. Instead of tweaking, its mostly a nerf fo ...2011.07.09 12:36:00
- If people really were interested in walking in stations and on planets......Then startrek online wou ...2011.07.06 17:25:00
- Edited by: Jack BingKaria on 28/06/2011 20:01:00 I mean, lets face it.The salvager and tractorbeam ...2011.06.28 19:59:00
- Edited by: Jack BingKaria on 22/06/2011 22:47:13 +2 ...2011.06.22 22:47:00
- Via the Dust514 interview released on path day, eveonline now has 400,000 subscribers, that is then: ...2011.06.22 22:41:00
- Why dont you let agents rotate over time :/ ...2011.05.20 16:21:00
- Yeah, this is just one of a load of npc corps, where players instead of being spread out over more a ...2011.05.20 16:15:00

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