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- truncated content ...2011.07.11 23:08:00
- Oh hey awsome, my PVP Maller has that exact same fit.All the Leet kids use 100mm Plates, anything el ...2011.05.14 16:48:00
- Killer caught by Police naked sobbing under a rainy overpass s ...2011.05.13 01:37:00
- About time, will they have a men's event? Surfin always loves men, poles and combinations therefor ...2011.05.13 00:21:00
- Edited by: Jaina Sunspot on 13/01/2011 23:23:20The mission requires you to pick up the documents at ...2011.01.13 23:23:00
- Wait wait what? you know you dont have to go back to the origin station to finish the mission. ...2011.01.13 23:14:00
- Nano Cov Ops with it's faster Warp speed would have a better chance.Then again it all depends on how ...2011.01.13 23:06:00
- you are overlooking the fact that it a drake and thus immune to your wierd point of viewIt has 2 I ...2011.01.13 22:37:00
- Still waiting for the other two to comment. This should bring in some laughs. Tips is distracting ...2011.01.13 22:20:00
- Eh? I can kind of understand the other ones (even if I don't agree) but "difficult editing"? Do yo ...2011.01.13 22:18:00
- Edited by: Jaina Sunspot on 13/01/2011 22:10:23 Who is Liang though? I haven't heard of her. Type ...2011.01.13 22:10:00
- Akita: Helpful and informative but never posts an opion unless facts are 100% proven. Trusted implic ...2011.01.13 22:07:00
- Edited by: Jaina Sunspot on 13/01/2011 20:21:03 Yeah it is bounties and LP wher the money is made w ...2011.01.13 20:15:00
- Edited by: Jaina Sunspot on 13/01/2011 16:57:33 Sounds like you need to join a new guild. Not rea ...2011.01.13 16:57:00
- The free button was mismarked jettison. ...2011.01.13 15:06:00

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