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- I believe you have another 5-6 days to wait. According to the "standings mechanics" article in the ...2011.06.18 21:13:00
- Just to make sure you didn't miss some of the basics. No offense meant. Your level 1 agent always ...2011.06.18 16:51:00
- Look up standings mechanics in the evelopedia. According to that, it does take 7 days for corporati ...2011.06.18 16:44:00
- The corporation tax system you describe would be a negative factor for any corporation, FW or non-FW ...2011.06.15 20:08:00
- A Manticore does fine for all the missions in the angel epic arc, with the exception of the last mis ...2011.05.03 00:50:00
- To get the FW missions, you either have to be in the specific empire's militia corporation (which pr ...2011.05.03 00:17:00

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