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- It's like making a game about ww2 and then suddenly changing the way soldiers look like the ones fro ...2011.01.19 21:11:00
- Lack of imagination.Agreeing with Moon Kitten for probably the only time. ...2008.10.13 16:08:00
- never seen a super highway and ive played for 3 years and spanned a large scale of the universe =/ w ...2008.10.13 14:32:00
- Kudos to ccp, this is a pointless excercise, but is brilliant anyway. ...2008.10.13 14:29:00
- Deadspaced gate sounds most likely, the 0.0 cosmos constellations which have agents sitting at the g ...2008.10.13 14:25:00
- I don't use them simply because i would end up getting podded. ...2008.10.09 18:00:00
- wtf pawned bobThis wasn't at a Cash Converters in Glasgow was it?It was me, I pawned bob on Argyle S ...2008.10.04 17:59:00
- Edited by: Ishamel 1 on 21/09/2008 14:56:20 You can get a pretty clear picture off the killboards. ...2008.09.21 14:55:00
- They can't keep up with demand, which is why there is still SOME profits for inventors but they do ...2008.09.18 13:31:00
- I killed one and got the other to structure as my guns broke from overheating due to unresponsive mo ...2008.09.18 13:20:00
- It took the coallition much less time to push bob into delve and take parts of it, killing all bob p ...2008.09.17 21:46:00
- Edited by: PooooBear on 16/09/2008 17:05:34 Edited by: Doddy on 16/09/2008 16:05:26 A phyric victo ...2008.09.16 19:24:00
- looks like about 5000 potential dps, would be alot lower thanks to tracking/sig radius etc if u were ...2008.09.13 17:30:00
- generally a few bs or more bcs, trying to access the cans tends to spawn some more ships, often frig ...2008.09.13 17:19:00
- First off you fail for comparing eve to real life. 0.0 being more lucrative is a mechanice designed ...2008.09.07 23:16:00

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