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- I'd say tempest, moa and blackbird first then griffin, bantam and augorer ...2011.06.21 22:34:00
- supported. ...2011.06.21 19:17:00
- Webbing drones generally arent worth it, the web is really weak and the drones themselves are quite ...2011.05.28 09:48:00
- the only annoying thing about these changes is that they seem to also have removed the ability for c ...2011.05.20 12:42:00
- No one in this game is more annoying than me or any member, past or present, of Lonetrek Salvage and ...2011.05.10 00:57:00
- Np, there'll be a republican president next time, we europeans can hate on him like usual.I'm hoping ...2011.05.05 17:26:00
- HAMMERTIME!! ...2011.04.25 19:47:00
- Use of the covert ops cloak isn't needed or warranted, infact it would be somewhat of a nerf to mobi ...2011.04.20 18:55:00
- Black ops are for supporting cloaked gangs with additional dps and the surprise factor of the covert ...2011.04.19 18:50:00
- So.... did ya bring up the fact that null sec was being ****ed and that you are stealing the investm ...2011.03.31 13:11:00
- I take it about as seriously as anything else I do, I get annoyed when I **** up and can think of wa ...2011.03.24 20:49:00
- Low-Sec lol. Jita camping lol. ...2011.03.12 18:07:00
- Vote cast for Seleene, would have voted trebor as well if I had another account. ...2011.03.11 12:30:00
- when COD has a map that takes more than 30 seconds to run across and isnt dependant on who can camp ...2011.03.07 14:50:00
- Well I don't see an issue to address since actions taken in nullsec do not effect Concord and its ac ...2011.03.07 01:31:00

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