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- Character Transfer begun. Thanks for making my first sale on the forums a painless process. ...2011.06.23 04:12:00
- not the races you're looking for but has the skills. Willing to any higher than your 2bil? Say som ...2011.06.22 19:40:00
- I have this toon for sale. Working on exhumers V now, can use T2 crystals for all high-sec ore. An ...2011.06.22 19:28:00
- Gonna give this one more day. As of now toon will go to caucus for 1.8b unless i get a higher offer ...2011.06.21 21:46:00
- Was hoping for a bit more than that. I'll give the post two days or so. If you find something else ...2011.06.20 00:17:00
- Edited by: eros fdn on 23/06/2011 04:12:03 Started this toon a little while back but decided to mak ...2011.06.19 22:38:00
- bump ...2011.06.19 07:45:00
- bump ...2011.06.18 03:53:00
- keep the bids coming. High bid at noon (PST) Sunday will get it. Please specify if you are making ...2011.06.17 01:19:00
- To be honest I don't take much stock in the character appraisal. I don't think the isk x skillpoint ...2011.06.16 20:34:00
- I'm flexible on the buyout. Make me an offer and we can go from there. ...2011.06.16 19:43:00
- Bump ...2011.06.16 05:34:00
- Edited by: eros fdn on 19/06/2011 22:27:49 Started this toon a little while back but decided to mak ...2011.06.16 03:31:00

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