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- supers will be "balanced" this winter. what's your next highest priority complaint?Improve hybrids. ...2011.07.18 04:16:00
- Can somebody please give me a brief explanation of the reason everyone uses the meta 4 rolled tungst ...2011.07.16 23:04:00
- sorry but this made me say WTF?I think our design principles stand out. If you read through our prin ...2011.07.16 03:35:00
- If they start pooping in the sandbox, and like it, they'll never stop. Soon it will be all poop and ...2011.06.24 18:40:00
- 1) $70 monocles - so what! No one is forcing you to buy them. The thing to bear in mind here is th ...2011.06.24 18:31:00
- Sad but true. ...2011.06.24 05:38:00
- Why are you ruining one of the things that made this game great? ...2011.06.17 12:18:00
- Smart marketing. This is why we're here. ...2011.06.16 23:03:00
- This will either be an important lesson to you... or, can I have your stuff? ...2011.06.13 07:42:00
- Anything can be attributed to the drop without picking apart the most minute detail of down to the s ...2011.06.13 07:40:00
- I must say I agree with OP. EVE should stop advancing immediately in order to avoid short term inco ...2011.06.13 07:37:00
- Orger 2s do more damage then Sentry 2s with all skills in the game at level 5...When you have 3 te ...2011.06.12 23:27:00
- The add is an obvious attempt by CCP to encourage people to buy plexes and sell them for isk. They' ...2011.06.12 05:47:00
- No, there should be no remap for SP at all. If people make a mistake, fine they've made a mistake th ...2011.06.11 20:22:00
- Edited by: Joey Moonbeam on 11/06/2011 20:28:37 The buff that Gallente really need is really a hybr ...2011.06.11 20:15:00

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