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- Like a monkey, ready to be shot into space. Space monkey! Ready to sacrifice himself for the greate ...2011.08.02 14:48:00
- If you had a baby, you would name that baby Dead Canary...oh yeah thats how good we are at this...(l ...2011.07.28 21:12:00
- bump! ...2011.07.22 04:45:00
- Hi, some of you might know me from movies like Attack of the Hobokens and What the French Toast!. Bu ...2011.07.20 00:04:00
- I canít think of anything worse after a night of drinking than waking up next to someone and not bei ...2011.07.08 17:04:00
- As some famous people will sayAny Publicity is good publicity.A few friends that would never even co ...2011.06.27 03:48:00
- You sir, have made my day. I salute your efforts! ...2011.06.26 04:02:00
- Edited by: Dardanos Herakles on 24/06/2011 22:04:44 sticking feathers up your butt does not make a ...2011.06.24 22:02:00
- I no longer trust CCP, and thinking really hard to unsub my accounts.NO MT FOR EVE. ...2011.06.24 21:29:00
- Turn it off. ...2011.06.23 23:41:00
- XXXXXXXXXX ...2011.06.23 19:30:00
- Edited by: panterus29 on 21/06/2011 23:52:21 X i cant use it makes me run at 2 frames or les a sec ...2011.06.23 19:03:00
- Dear CCP The next time you have a thought... let it go. ---Ron White :D ...2011.06.22 00:40:00
- honest fights and ships blow up and not the aforementioned bull..Meh. I think we saw different conte ...2011.06.19 23:24:00
- this what eve is all about, I loved every second of it :D ...2011.06.19 21:54:00

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