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- The stormriders could get high on normal air, their brains having been become as mere mush due to th ...2006.03.26 22:55:00
- Indeed, the former "post" was addressed more towards Mr DeToqueville.However, as you have responded ...2006.03.24 01:21:00
- Edited by: Jerek Laz on 23/03/2006 23:47:45 Ahh, so we see the Gallente smooth tongue has its razor ...2006.03.23 23:47:00
- Your assumption being that an autocracy is a backward system. It has lasted us for long enough, wher ...2006.03.23 23:18:00
- Haill Amarr, Amarr Victor!It is good to see yet another Loyalist Corporation, especially one with ti ...2006.03.23 23:12:00
- It appears he feels himself an intellect. How quaint."Need" defines "Inability to function without". ...2006.03.23 22:00:00
- I like it.Shows a twisted innovation on the part of the Amarr too.Very well written, very dark and I ...2006.03.23 18:00:00
- please refer to the Pax Amarria if you disagreeThe Pax was written by his Holiness Emperor Heideran ...2006.03.23 17:57:00
- The Caldari are business and trading partners, who appreciate those who do not stab them in the back ...2006.03.23 17:53:00
- Cowered = Coward.Other than that, so far DAMN good :) I like this Caldari's approach ;) ...2006.03.23 14:24:00
- Let us clarify a few things, shall we?Firstly, the similarity between Kingdom and People is merely t ...2006.03.22 11:57:00
- Bring back the love!The world is dynamic, we can change things, but only on a market level it seems! ...2006.03.21 15:56:00
- Another soul lost to the wicked liberals and heathens. External influences could be to blame. Gallen ...2006.03.20 10:52:00
- And lo, the heathens show their true natrue and why they must be reclaimed!If it is boosters they wa ...2006.03.20 10:49:00
- *Jerek sneers over the comm at Witch Doctor*So that's why we haven't seen you skulking about, eh? Or ...2006.03.17 11:00:00

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