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- Edited by: Centis Adjani on 19/05/2011 09:04:01 Funny sarcastic/ironic topic. lolzBut found one mis ...2011.05.19 09:35:00
- Get some pratice in with ships you can afford to lose if you want modul ...2011.05.18 11:59:00
- If we are talking solo Id say Curse. Ive never had one but Ive seen people do some incredible thi ...2011.05.14 11:41:00
- Since you did so much reccon you should know what time of the day there are less people around your ...2011.05.13 11:22:00
- More to the point, why would you actually fly a PantherMass and speed is an excellent combo for givi ...2011.05.09 20:21:00
- The gauntlet has been thrown!Any updates on this? I dont understand people coming in here saying the ...2011.05.09 07:21:00
- Very good Active shield domi was nice surprise! DLing, hoping for a good watch =) ...2011.03.30 23:32:00
- If everyone fires the same kind of bomb I think you can use 6 in one volley.Tactics would be either ...2011.03.22 16:57:00
- OMG!! its DHB Wildcat! Can you sign my Stabber?OT: Id love to see some hull tanked phoon/floon. May ...2011.03.14 23:41:00
- Like you, I am new to pvp. I found that while there are many guides out there (like Westley's Rifter ...2011.03.07 01:11:00
- The point I was tryin to make is that shield tanking works great for PvE. But when it comes to PvP t ...2011.03.05 01:42:00
- HiI say Caldari is the best race, every time I do a fitting Caldari comes out on top. I know eft isn ...2011.03.04 23:10:00
- Can somebody tell me what does micro modules are good for? I mean, why were they brought into game?A ...2011.02.24 17:12:00
- This video is funny in many ways. FC seems calm and cool, I know some FCs who would have lost their ...2011.02.24 16:21:00
- Ive got the same thing. Its really weird because I see some icons just fine but most of them are j ...2011.02.24 12:51:00

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