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- Indeed ,This last summit has covered most of the rage ,that was going on. I was in rage also and no ...2011.07.03 05:38:00
- Hey everyone,Let me give you a quick update and explain what is happening.Our Localization team are ...2011.07.02 11:40:00
- Some called them stories,others called it griefing i called it EVE entertainment Gonna mis itFLY ...2011.06.27 23:18:00
- Let's complain, let's rage and let's express ourselfs about this situation. But let's do it by pu ...2011.06.26 10:41:00
- No, ponies and war declarations are a waste of time. What I should be doing now is gathering your fe ...2011.06.26 10:04:00
- "It's the weekend, this will all blow over by Monday... Riiiigghhhht???"nope!!! here will no reply ...2011.06.26 09:07:00
- downloading it can,t hurt to give the trial a try. Don,t get me wrong i love Eve ,i even love Inca ...2011.06.25 09:21:00
- This shows that our opinions and concerns don,t matter at all.i think they know they lose a part of ...2011.06.24 21:35:00
- Edited by: Jos Wijnants on 24/06/2011 11:57:15 as long they keep silent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...2011.06.24 11:57:00
- couldn,t help help it so much about incarna going on so i bump this one CCP Alt? Trying to get pe ...2011.06.23 16:08:00
- couldn,t help help it so much about incarna going on so i bump this one ...2011.06.23 15:56:00
- Edited by: Jos Wijnants on 21/06/2011 17:11:09 promised myself not to reply on AT9 topicsthe link y ...2011.06.21 16:59:00
- well i stop with this ranting from now on. CCP will not ever share their thoughts about AT9gate Th ...2011.06.21 16:13:00
- was gonna say "aah come on there must be some sort of punishment for staging the final" but i wont ...2011.06.21 15:37:00
- Edited by: Bloodpetal on 21/06/2011 15:21:40 The resultant fight was aggressive and brutal with ...2011.06.21 15:26:00

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