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- Edited by: sarah mcjimmy on 02/07/2011 19:12:56 Decision reviewed following CCP/CSM meeting. I am a ...2011.06.24 23:58:00
- I'm letting my 3 accounts expire at the end of August. It was fun while it lasted but I've had enoug ...2011.06.24 17:04:00
- After reading the Greed is Good PDF, it gave me a wonderful insight in to the way CCP view their 'lo ...2011.06.23 12:06:00
- PI issues here. Amount being extracted decreases dramatically once I submit. Tried clearing the cach ...2011.05.31 20:42:00
- same here. only seem to have it on noble metals though. the entire scan interface is totally worthle ...2011.05.31 20:04:00
- I get funky results with PI now as well.I place my extractors on what show as hot spots, click submi ...2011.05.31 19:46:00
- See, the wheels are all set in motion.Not really ...2011.05.30 14:46:00
- Missions given in 0.5 systems have always had a better payout.The way I see it is that every agent w ...2011.05.19 14:50:00
- The Steam version happens to be on sale for five dollars, and I've been meaning to buy another accou ...2011.05.19 00:34:00
- Its just done as a recurring payment on a debit or credit card.If you have two accounts its actually ...2011.05.13 12:24:00
- Stupid comparison is stupid. Police HAVE to get physical with protesters because that is the only th ...2011.05.05 04:02:00
- babble You've obviously not been reading any of this thread.Let me help you - The law is quite clea ...2011.05.05 03:27:00
- @sarah mcjimmy - That system you linked looks pretty good, and at a nice price too. Doesn't have the ...2011.05.05 03:14:00
- The man was walking through the middle of a riot. My point still stands, that push was in no way en ...2011.05.05 02:38:00
- No, you go in, arms swinging. And with the addition of a good few hundred people behind you, the fil ...2011.05.05 02:30:00

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