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- When naming stargates for your fleet to warp to, simply say the first 3-4 letters in the system name ...2011.09.03 21:30:00
- There are a few tricks you can follow to beat wardecs from griefing corps. 1. Drop out of corp. This ...2011.09.03 21:25:00
- Thanks for the reply! It never did occur to me that unless your initial attempt fails, there really ...2011.08.29 21:16:00
- Hey all, I recently managed to get myself into a Falcon, and have a couple questions about ECM which ...2011.08.29 18:17:00
- I'm sure this has been brought up one or two times before, but I'm not having any luck finding my an ...2011.08.22 22:34:00
- What in the bloody hell did you just fail at articulating? ...2011.08.19 22:34:00
- On something of a sidenote, is it at all worthwhile to jetcan ice?(versus hauling it the Mackinaw) P ...2011.08.19 22:30:00
- Ah... so because of the sheer size of ice asteroids, you can obtain near 100% mining efficiency, whi ...2011.08.19 07:59:00
- I've been a bit curious lately as to why people often bother ice mining. Every time I look at the nu ...2011.08.19 06:28:00
- Thanks for the workaround. It doesn't quite help my new members with figuring it out, but I'll be su ...2011.08.19 05:02:00
- Well, quite frankly, if a single Tech III cruiser could do EVERYTHING just as well as a Tech II or F ...2011.08.15 22:18:00
- Looking at the dates on the original posts, I now feel like an idiot. Turns out "Necro" means the th ...2011.08.15 20:00:00
- Edited by: SomeoneStrange on 15/08/2011 19:54:33 What in the hell is "necro", and why does Zymurgis ...2011.08.15 19:51:00
- Yes they will. Once you **** off CONCORD, theoretically the only way to survive is to continue warpi ...2011.08.14 19:15:00
- Harbi vs HAM drake = Harbi win.Harbi vs kiting HML drake = Harbi w/ scorch win or drake warps out.As ...2011.08.14 16:49:00

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