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- Re: Arkady SadikAnyone who's in this war for the sake of a "good fight" is not worth the biomass the ...2011.09.04 20:00:00
- Huh, a terrorist threat at the courthouse.... i may not have any real strong feelings on who is righ ...2011.09.04 19:50:00
- I read these posts, hear about the problems you've all gone through and i realize... i've never done ...2011.09.04 01:56:00
- i rarely post anymore (though i suppose that seems to be changing) and i havn't had any success agai ...2011.08.04 04:10:00
- Ah, Congrats Lia. Hope she has a long life and a happy one as well... profitable too for that matter ...2011.08.04 03:56:00
- Now me, i think the funniest parts of this whole speech of Vaari's is that A. He thinks he could sto ...2011.07.29 13:43:00
- Edited by: Marenteius on 10/05/2011 03:07:27 I'm sorry but that's not an answer. I want to know wh ...2011.05.10 03:06:00
- Ummmmm, i'll just ask the question thats been on my mind;Rek, did you actually expect this argument ...2011.05.10 00:39:00
- I said "face to face", as in, no ship involved.I may not have the ability to find the words to expr ...2011.05.07 02:04:00
- Backpedal faster. It might cause people to not notice that you never responded to my little invitati ...2011.05.06 15:32:00
- May your obviously ice cold hatred continue to serve you in good stead! Ice cold? I rather think ...2011.05.06 14:07:00
- Edited by: Marenteius on 06/05/2011 13:51:32 The reason you are not given an answer... the reason y ...2011.05.06 13:49:00
- Edited by: Marenteius on 06/05/2011 04:28:21 As a person first, a corp member second, and a Caldari ...2011.05.06 04:28:00
- Edited by: Marenteius on 06/05/2011 04:13:51 You proceed from a false assumption Statist provocateu ...2011.05.06 04:13:00
- Says the Matari posting on a thread started by an Amarrian with the likely intent of discussion by h ...2011.05.06 03:49:00

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