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- This just proves how absolutely ******ed the so-called "MD Elite" can be. People are all over the a$ ...2011.01.17 19:47:00
- It's new features you dinosaurs. Stop being such dinosaurs! ...2011.01.17 19:40:00
- Target them and use ehm "freedom" missiles. Yeah. That's it. ...2011.01.13 15:06:00
- Report ISK Spammer! ...2011.01.12 12:43:00
- /sexYou know you want it! ...2011.01.04 16:37:00
- This thread reminds me. Must feed the chickens. ...2011.01.04 12:50:00
- How does this actually work with remote buy and sell orders?Let's say I am sitting in space. I remot ...2011.01.03 07:06:00
- Surely it must be a Sansha trap, but I'll be there with my freigher to attack them! ...2011.01.03 06:53:00
- Jita.Seriously though are there any high sec systems with more than 5 belts that don't have botters ...2011.01.02 11:18:00
- There are many Caldari Citizens of which I am one. I am unique and original and also main. Honest. ...2011.01.02 07:08:00
- Thanks for suggestions! I see nobody suggest armor tanking. I will try out the shield fits instead. ...2011.01.02 06:25:00
- Would someone be so kind as to provide a (non-T1 guns) fit for 0.0 Guristas ratting?This fit below h ...2011.01.01 18:30:00
- Someone bought some overpriced PLEX... ...2010.12.19 08:37:00
- What would be a good set up for an alt to solo scout and escort? I want to scout ahead and also need ...2010.12.17 14:28:00
- CCP have no interest in removal of bots, because more bots = more clients, and trust me none of bo ...2010.12.09 10:59:00

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