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- Net result? MORE PVP!perhaps.. I hope the net result doesn't turn out to be more people in high sec. ...2011.02.23 06:33:00
- +1I support the changes you propose fully, but I'm not sure it would have quite as strong an effect ...2011.02.23 06:23:00
- Ah yes the arbitrator is an exe lent ship indeed. And that is my point, I'm not saying there should ...2011.02.23 05:33:00
- I had a nice reply all ready to go, but I don't feel like doing it over again on my phone.Short vers ...2011.02.23 02:56:00
- Oops i ment the griffin not the condor.The point remains. The griffin has ecm, the condor speed tank ...2011.02.23 01:42:00
- Personally i'm kinda on the fence about this. Objectively There are very compelling reasons why the ...2011.02.23 00:17:00
- Well, i do like the idea. but it would have to be balanced VERY carefully too little boom and there ...2011.02.23 00:01:00
- I always feel huge. Sorry, Sorry. Some jokes just have to be made. ...2011.02.22 23:41:00
- Details would be redundant since the topic is tiericide, not roleicide. You don't seem to understa ...2011.02.22 23:35:00
- I imagine you warping in at 100km and thinking you're going to own everything in sight, is pretty ...2011.02.22 18:26:00
- Ironically, all of this is what happens right now. People don't want to use those other ships beca ...2011.02.21 04:57:00
- Would you fight a Rupture being piloted by an equal skill pilot, while you are in a Scythe?Why or w ...2011.02.19 05:47:00
- I ask you, why would anyone that had a choice, pick a breacher over a rifter? To save 60k?Maby beca ...2011.02.19 04:39:00
- Edited by: Sheledra on 19/02/2011 04:08:48 crucifier - Ewar frig, one of the best. executioner- T1 ...2011.02.19 04:08:00
- Overly complicated while at the same time easy to exploit.Why should you be fully compensated for fa ...2011.02.19 02:42:00

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