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- Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch in the auto email notification system in the EVE Store, you ...2011.04.21 09:23:00
- All orders are on a pre-order basis, hence the discount we're offering.We are looking to ship out in ...2011.04.19 11:29:00
- Why not use the ISK Volume 1 guide? The game has been crying out for a manual since its release eigh ...2011.04.18 10:12:00
- Edited by: EON Dogma on 13/04/2011 08:53:41 Why not download the ISK 3.0 Volume 1? It's free and it ...2011.04.13 08:53:00
- Instead of ‘lite’ and expanded ‘premium’ editions, we will be publishing two separate print volumes. ...2011.04.07 08:29:00
- Hi,Previously I estimated a timescale of three weeks however we are totally reliant on statistical i ...2011.03.21 12:23:00
- EON has had a little re-vamp and issue #023 is going to be bigger and better than ever before. ...2011.03.08 11:19:00
- Slade is right and thanks for pulling the quote from our site.If two players argue over 1 match and ...2011.02.28 12:11:00
- We're running a tournament to start from the 1st March until the 30th June. League is open to entrie ...2011.02.24 10:41:00
- Just got home, bloody knackered! Was a top night, hope to meet you all again.Just remembered the "fa ...2011.02.20 16:41:00
- EON magazine will be in attendance! ...2011.02.18 15:27:00
- In short, yes there will be changes but I won't disclose what they are as of yet. Don't want to ruin ...2011.02.16 12:07:00
- We aren't going to re-stock issue 3.0. Instead we are seizing this opportunity to update and re-vamp ...2011.02.14 17:14:00
- What other forms of media did you have in mind?Some of us have never been to WoW and I don't think t ...2011.02.10 10:52:00
- As Estel quite rightly points out, its' 1.5 billion ISK to have a splashscreen however there are che ...2011.02.10 10:45:00

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