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- Pretty simple question mostly spawned by the fact we keep seeing the AT9 ads with frigates with engi ...2011.06.11 17:04:00
- If your drones are getting shot you're doing it wrongTry a form of PVE other than missions.... Drone ...2011.04.24 18:21:00
- If you don't have Sentry Interfacing 5 then it wouldn't hurt to use faction sentries but the T2 vers ...2011.04.24 04:46:00
- Edited by: Mingerdeux on 24/04/2011 04:30:04 Like above what you're saying doesn't exactly make muc ...2011.04.24 04:29:00
- Sentry damage(medium+large) and nothing else. Noone in their right mind would bother with the other ...2011.04.24 04:26:00
- Edited by: Mingerdeux on 24/04/2011 04:21:24 Have you got access to any other systems? What other p ...2011.04.24 04:20:00
- Yeah Op is right. This mission nerfing is getting ridinculous! This: Ever heard of infinite point? ...2011.04.24 03:37:00
- So my question is what is your avrage lp income per mission and I say avrage not only your best miss ...2011.04.24 03:31:00
- It's pretty easy.HML Tengu - Torp Golem can get very similar values either one is a good choice.If y ...2011.04.23 04:16:00
- Why are people so fixated on the time to convert LPs? You do not factor that time into your missioni ...2011.04.23 02:25:00
- Just a theory but i think the problem about the gas planets is that your structures are not on the g ...2011.04.21 16:26:00
- You bought a Kronos, giggle ...2011.04.21 01:28:00
- Edited by: Mingerdeux on 03/04/2011 19:14:51 I know the ISK from 0.0 isn't going to suddenly dry up ...2011.04.03 19:15:00
- If you're gonna run L4s/L5s in lowsec first of all you want to be very careful a bout the area of sp ...2011.04.03 19:01:00

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