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- Maybe what you are really searching for is...When you modify your order, the duration isn't set agai ...2010.12.07 07:57:00
- After everyone trained up a few more basic trading alts. You would most likely see lots of single it ...2010.12.06 05:49:00
- Edited by: Destination SkillQueue on 05/12/2010 23:08:08 The question is why should the market be c ...2010.12.05 23:15:00
- Edited by: Phasics on 05/12/2010 23:06:10 It would also probably eliminate 0.01isk bots a little to ...2010.12.05 22:57:00
- What if any effect do you think the following change would have on the market and on the indivudal p ...2010.12.05 22:37:00
- I agreebut in the mean time anyone interested in discussing DUST can do so ...2009.08.24 00:13:00
- Just a small forum request that would take but a moment to implementPlease create a new sub-forum fo ...2009.08.23 23:23:00
- Hey Can I join ... oh wait ...2009.08.14 01:57:00
- I got a probe manual but I EATED IT ...2009.03.12 07:04:00
- Edited by: Phasics on 11/03/2009 12:24:53 Spock: He is intelligent, but not experienced. His patter ...2009.03.11 12:24:00
- 1 x Phasics ...2009.01.18 23:02:00
- Of course the other way to fix bombs is to remove the damage ones all together and give them some mu ...2008.11.25 10:18:00
- I still think there's a place for a tanking bomberThink B-52 instead of B-2 ...2008.11.21 21:56:00
- So you want to change bombs so they oneshot everything in a 20km radius? Yeah..... Internet Bomb Sub ...2008.11.21 12:29:00
- There is no aggro reset ok nuke it dot it wtf?have you never heard THATS A FUC%ING 50DKP MINUS ! che ...2008.11.20 12:09:00

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