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- Khandu Eesi,28,34,95,82,91,123,143 ...2011.07.28 20:51:00
- Well I would, but it won't let me. Drop me an evemail and unblock meShould be fixed.. sent u EVEma ...2011.02.04 06:30:00
- This has been one of my favorite tools for daily use; but, I now have a problem. The new version 3.6 ...2011.01.29 21:12:00
- Don't know if anyone is still having the problem of character creator hanging up at 100% loaded but ...2011.01.20 21:36:00
- Goblin.. what are key bindings and where can I find them?? ...2011.01.19 21:29:00
- Edited by: Khandu Eesi on 19/01/2011 21:15:05 nvm ...2011.01.19 21:14:00
- Nice of CCP StevieSG to start this thread off with all the known issues so we can all talk about the ...2011.01.19 05:55:00
- Have tried different shader, LOD, other settings.. rebooted, reinstalled, relogged, repaired, anythi ...2011.01.19 05:07:00
- Installed, reinstalled, repaired twice, cleared cache, relogged, rebooted... Character creator still ...2011.01.18 21:30:00
- This was the first 'event' I've gone to a station for.. was not the gank- scam- fest I was expecting ...2011.01.10 04:35:00
- Five minutes after previous post my Echelon showed up.. logged out and back in and there was another ...2010.12.15 16:35:00
- Received remaps and attribute upgrades. Redeemed gifts and all that was there was purloined codebrea ...2010.12.15 16:29:00
- Buy high.. sell higher???? ...2010.11.28 22:55:00

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