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- You shouldn't need to war dec them to take the turrets. You should be able to rep them and unanchor ...2010.06.21 22:17:00
- Vica versa ? Please summarize the IT and their allies in the left fleet and summarize NC members in ...2010.04.23 20:06:00
- Edited by: Hun Jakuza on 23/04/2010 18:45:09 Check this outEVSCO working well isn't ? Just check t ...2010.04.23 19:26:00
- Cool Stats... What I would like see added is capital/supercapital kill losses and POS Kill losses pe ...2010.04.12 14:13:00
- Edited by: Aelena Thraant on 29/09/2009 22:24:19 That is per system... So 1 tower for corps per day ...2009.09.29 22:23:00
- Obviously I'm assuming allot. My one compliant is the way the devs are teasing us without any real d ...2009.09.10 19:02:00
- I think in general these are good ideas. I'm worried about the Super Caps that are in the queue whe ...2009.09.10 18:28:00
- I've been using this for getting rid of the 5% reprocessing. What I found is that with connections ...2009.09.04 13:28:00
- With the moon minerals getting out of hand I was thinking about a way to shake things up a bit. Cha ...2009.06.18 04:48:00
- I think there is a problem with the GetCharacterSkillQueue in 1.14Here is the call I'm usingEveApi a ...2009.03.30 04:36:00
- Rule of thumb is about 200-250 mil per mil of skillpoints. You get more for cap pilots since the sk ...2009.01.09 18:37:00
- Special is no longer available, but the service is still available. ...2009.01.05 18:06:00
- Service is still available. Special's last day is tomorrow... ...2008.12.30 20:06:00
- Bumpage ...2008.12.19 21:06:00
- 3.5 ...2008.12.19 20:37:00

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