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- Probably Phaser scammers were CCP Alts. It was a great idea talking about "trillons". 1) Nice way t ...2011.08.16 11:17:00
- ...What class is it?C2 ...2011.08.06 16:22:00
- ganking miners is for tears, not profits ... hum. I noticed much less suicide gank after the "insur ...2011.07.25 04:17:00
- All new players should read this. EVE Online the way I like. Nice story ...2011.07.25 03:53:00
- Trap? Or Treasure...?This ..... 3-5 Carriers in a C3 WH? Sounds Scamtrap to me. ...2011.07.25 02:55:00
- When you turn your PLEX into Aurum you basically turn that $17.50 into free cash for CCP. They won ...2011.06.26 02:01:00
- Yes the majority of people in this thread have been whining but that does not mean you are in the ...2011.06.25 11:39:00
- 2nd Look:"I have a dream" .... hum, no. In fact I had a nightmare. I dream i was many years ago, I d ...2011.06.22 11:26:00
- Did the guy that made eve just left ? Cause it feels like it.THIS :::::Please hire him again and f ...2011.06.22 02:21:00
- What a piece of crap. Incredible fail!! CQ Su*cks. CCP: Why do you asked for Feedback? Its a joke? S ...2011.06.22 01:38:00
- I don't wish to see this fluff, I don't wish to be involved. I never want to see it, or 'play' wi ...2011.06.16 04:52:00
- I'm really sorry that the fix for the crash hasn't worked. As a workaround, though, I suggest runn ...2011.06.09 19:41:00
- Edited by: Akkukkak on 07/06/2011 17:35:05 To the people experiencing crashes, have you submitted a ...2011.06.07 17:27:00
- The recent server crash was due to a DB hardware issue and is unrelated to the Incursion 1.6 release ...2011.06.05 21:08:00
- I knew it!! The CCP Q&A Team were the real Sleepers!!Tic-Tac Tic-Tac ... days come and go ... and t ...2011.06.04 23:54:00

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