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- o0000 its so pretty sounding ...2011.07.07 21:21:00
- This initiative is counterproductive, can't you see your just making more people want a monocle? Wea ...2011.06.28 00:15:00
- I like to ask if I can have a cup of STFU. You are oh so witty. ...2011.06.27 23:50:00
- I think CCP have actualy sold more monacles through people just wanting to troll the forums than t ...2011.06.27 23:46:00
- I just bought a 70 dollar monocle, so their new features definatly seem to be selling ^_^now what to ...2011.06.27 23:33:00
- - ...2011.06.27 10:13:00
- Titan is indestructable, shoot it if it brings you fun but don't expect anything to come of it. ...2011.06.25 20:32:00
- How convienient there's a bug that prevents account cancelation around the same time alot of players ...2011.06.25 20:26:00
- There are THOUSANDS of undocumented CCP employees then. ROFLThese "He's a CCP ALT" as a 'be all e ...2011.06.25 20:20:00
- Fake email is fake. Read the full 20 page copy of Fearless and you'll see language which contradicts ...2011.06.25 12:46:00
- They didnt sell enough monacles ...2011.06.25 12:33:00
- Read the "fearless" leaked memo ...2011.06.25 12:19:00
- I can't speak for CCP, but know this, without RISK you will never win or run a company, the truth is ...2011.06.25 11:32:00
- Edited by: Doav Inarvo on 25/06/2011 11:01:37If CCP realy are struggling to stay afloat then why did ...2011.06.25 11:01:00

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