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- Ignoring all the off topic. There is something odd going on with the multiclient situation. Yesterda ...2011.07.11 11:53:00
- With CCP failure to confirm there previous promises to keep micro transaction vanity only I found th ...2011.06.27 20:29:00
- At no time has CCP made any statements that they are losing money. They have stated however, that th ...2011.06.23 22:18:00
- Going to post again in here as seems a sensible thread to all the others.I think CQ should be option ...2011.06.23 22:05:00
- Mixed. ...2011.06.23 21:54:00
- I agree 100%.Anyone remember the boot.ini ? CCP are willing to take risks others would not. If it do ...2011.06.23 21:51:00
- If I remember correctly API are usually down after a expansion. Give it 24hr and it should be back ...2011.06.23 21:05:00
- Outbreak ...2011.06.19 21:31:00
- Me? I can't get past the thought that real money shouldn't be able to buy in game game goods, indire ...2011.05.27 23:56:00
- I agree with the above. Disagreement doesnt mean flame wars. It is nice to see a discussion which pl ...2011.05.27 23:22:00
- There have been some interesting points raised in this thread, which seems more sensible then most. ...2011.05.27 22:45:00
- One minor annoyance for me is that you loose fleet access on captial ship when jumping system for no ...2011.02.12 15:01:00
- yep ...2011.01.19 07:12:00
- more importantly will it be out on the wii ? ...2010.12.30 20:24:00
- me like +1 ...2010.12.07 22:03:00

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