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- hello eve I am thinking of a idea that if ccp lets us do, with rules of course that will make eve th ...2011.08.25 16:18:00
- If I was in that situation I will give him the orca for a bit overpriced say 500-600 mill as I to ge ...2011.08.10 16:13:00
- And the atvantages to this are alot hell you can make a party room or even a command center will be ...2011.08.10 16:09:00
- Hello guys I was wondering about all this rioting going on about the noble store. And I was thinking ...2011.08.10 16:07:00
- Hello there I think that ccp should let the chance to have capitols in highsec not motherships or ti ...2011.08.08 13:23:00
- Yeah I aggre with you ccp should let you get some lv up for that or you can buy skill points in the ...2011.08.08 13:15:00

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