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- Nice! ...2011.07.07 00:37:00
- Edited by: Mars Theran on 06/07/2011 23:46:11 What do people use spreadsheets for in EVE anyway? To ...2011.07.06 23:44:00
- I am a leet programmerI am a marketing geniusI have a crystal ball. And it works.Is there anything y ...2011.07.06 03:13:00
- one wordChinaYes, that sounds about right, and about what I was thinking. 20 Million units to begin ...2011.07.06 03:09:00
- Laurentius articulates so well, don't you think? ...2011.07.06 03:06:00
- Automated instances would just provide a catalogue of kills for someone to record and take advantage ...2011.07.06 02:42:00
- I didn't bother to read his post, but I do think he was basically correct in that applying Intellige ...2011.07.06 02:35:00
- I attempted to rationalize with them ...I think we found your problem right there. If I want ration ...2011.07.06 02:04:00
- 1. Lack of a coherent message by the protesters. ... 6. EVE's ingrained culture of trolls Serious ...2011.07.06 01:42:00
- Not very immersive Ben. ...2011.07.05 06:05:00
- You go buy a starbucks and the counter person says "would you like a cookie too?" their main busines ...2011.07.05 06:01:00
- It stopped because the bulk of us didnt want none vanity items. CCP has now said the will not go dow ...2011.07.05 01:55:00
- PC is bad because you have a lot of hacking. While that may be dealt with in most FPS by hopping ser ...2011.07.05 01:48:00
- The solution is not to fight.The people who do this live off small corps who have no PVP skills at a ...2011.07.05 01:36:00
- That poor woman. I understand she's got money-makers, but that's just..idk ..makes me cringe. ...2011.07.05 01:30:00

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