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- Hell, I never liked the Raven anyway....always thought it was a piece of sh*t (Even went back and sh ...2008.11.12 22:43:00
- They also implied that they are going to reduce the effect of Webbers and that they are going to be ...2008.07.28 16:01:00
- The problem here is two sided....make it to easy to slow down a nanoed ship and they die to easy bec ...2008.07.06 04:08:00
- This would be a better suggestion honestly.Reduce the number of Missile slots it can use but not the ...2008.07.02 21:18:00
- I have a simple (at least I think its simple) fix here.New missile types.Speed missiles. Increase ...2008.07.01 16:01:00
- Edited by: Riethe on 24/06/2008 1. Do you know what the In Game Browser (IGB) is?Yes 2. How often d ...2008.07.01 15:48:00
- Actually...after talking with a couple of guys I know that got in on some of the FW testing on sisi, ...2008.06.10 23:55:00
- Man.....where to start.1. It a FREEKIN free expansion!2. Everyone complains about how CCP puts out a ...2008.05.20 23:16:00
- Just do what they do in real life.....make people set up a shop....set a certain number of "Sales Sh ...2008.03.22 18:18:00
- I've thought about this myself from time to time and I dont think it would be all that hard to do ac ...2008.03.15 13:55:00
- Solution: GTFO of your blob. You know what you're in for when you sign up for a massive 0.0 alliance ...2008.03.07 00:58:00
- And how are you gonna tank? lolThe same way everyone else tanks. Extenders or plates.Extenters are o ...2008.02.18 18:08:00
- 2) Caldari ships are way too slow. The entire race is designed around having a range advantage, but ...2008.02.16 20:53:00
- I'm fine with most of your requests under one condition....The mission NPC's have a STRONG OR AUTOMA ...2008.02.01 01:53:00
- @GhostwardenHmmm.. Good points. Ok, Second pass at the idea: Here is how I could see it working in ...2008.02.01 01:39:00

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