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- Has anyone actually been harmed by other EVE players, though? I would have thought such an event wou ...2010.12.16 16:58:00
- PvP in 100mn or 10mn afterburner fit.reasonably agile, decent buffer, good dps, good speed. tank mu ...2010.12.14 11:05:00
- thank you for bolding the funny parts and saving me from reading the rest of the conversation ...2010.12.14 10:58:00
- wagner chopin rachmaninoff ...2010.11.29 10:14:00
- bittervet checking in for rage about's an excellent move, i now get a few million sp to ...2010.11.26 16:58:00
- not a lot, they are probably left on from a previous structure tanking fit or i swapped inertial sta ...2010.11.26 13:25:00
- Edited by: fivetide humidyear on 26/11/2010 10:27:22 excellent advice above to get more actual flyi ...2010.11.26 10:26:00
- every high sec ganker worth his salt will be trying to get the first kill when these first get on th ...2010.11.25 13:41:00
- ::drama llama::not sure this even counts as a storm in a tea cup ...2010.11.25 13:32:00
- OP's idea is sub optimal.A better syndicate mobile bubble would maybe have a shorter anchoring time ...2010.11.25 10:54:00
- tengu.i only mission for sec so tend to use my pvp ships to mission in and the tengu can speed tank ...2010.11.23 13:39:00
- Istvaan Shogaatsu Jamesw sirmollle lofty29 evil edna ...2010.11.19 09:04:00
- probably not, but as noted above some people may choose to enact killrights. I regularly have many p ...2010.11.12 14:24:00
- learn not to type stuff in the wrong channel on the wrong client..... ...2010.11.04 14:42:00
- some tech 2 rigs are worth it, the ones that spring to mind are the t2 missile rigs such as rigors a ...2010.10.28 08:55:00

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