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- join us, kill supers ...2011.05.28 19:43:00
- I love the probe changes, but what the **** were you smoking when you made the broadcast, etc. histo ...2011.05.23 06:18:00
- I've had eve CTD without any warning or crash report on me during: 1) undocking from a station, cra ...2011.01.23 20:14:00
- for problems not covered in the first post: - cmd+q no longer closes the client - if you have mult ...2011.01.21 17:47:00
- when you quit, can I have your stuff? ...2011.01.21 03:11:00
- This would suck when playing eve in windowed mode on a mac. DO NOT WANT!!! Try something innovative ...2010.12.17 15:31:00
- We also have capital ship races, I won the last one! ...2010.12.06 23:54:00
- I experienced this during the mass testing on sisi and it was annoying as hell! The only workaround ...2010.09.28 23:20:00
- Machine InfoWhich test you were in: 25th September 2010 OS version: OS X CPU: 2.66GHz Intel Core i ...2010.09.26 07:02:00
- confirming the awesomeness status of evsco! ...2010.09.24 21:35:00
- On the subject of midslots and drone bays:We talked about this internally just now, and for now we'r ...2010.09.20 14:24:00
- CCP made a ship just for me! \o/Thank you Greyscale! ...2010.09.19 01:20:00
- The biggest and most immediate thing you can do to improve Customer Service is for GMs to actually t ...2010.07.09 16:01:00
- anyone have an erebus or nyx i can borrow on sisi? ...2010.05.07 20:41:00
- Edited by: Flynn Fetladral on 16/04/2010 10:48:16 The new Core i7 chip in the MBP 15 / 17 inch mode ...2010.04.16 15:46:00

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