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- Edited by: Iraherag on 24/01/2011 00:35:45 I see, if you run out of facts you resort to one of the ...2011.01.24 00:34:00
- Explain it to me then?It's like love. It can't be explained it has to be experienced and conquered.A ...2011.01.24 00:27:00
- But it did. You simply don't get the answer. This is why you are a pubbie.I have done 0.0. When I st ...2011.01.24 00:13:00
- Keep on trollin mate. If you couldn't do anything in yulai at its peak then you are clueless on how ...2011.01.23 23:00:00
- Looks like CCP Yokai's Supernode is working...haha...yeah...not so much really.Lag was so bad ... I' ...2011.01.23 22:53:00
- I must say I'm quite impressed by how many people showed up tonight. As I've said many times before ...2011.01.23 22:41:00
- You know the saddest thing about this is that somewhere you will read that this was another great re ...2011.01.23 22:24:00
- Incursion has moved to a system called PROMISED LAND it seemsNeeds more bold and CAPSLOCKPromised La ...2011.01.23 22:16:00
- Incursion has moved to a system called PROMISED LAND it seemsNeeds more bold and CAPSLOCK ...2011.01.23 22:08:00
- I'd also like to commend you on your great new traffic advisory approach:Accept the jump-in request, ...2011.01.23 21:57:00
- Edited by: Iraherag on 23/01/2011 21:53:11 Looks like CCP Yokai's Supernode is working...I always s ...2011.01.23 21:52:00
- I got a question: After my client crashed and I restarted and rejoined I'm missing all chat channel ...2011.01.23 21:48:00
- Another great demonstration that EVE can handle fleet fights with hundreds of pilots involved... as ...2011.01.23 21:40:00
- "Smuggling, contraband, trading, black market, handling stolen goods," yada, yada, yada, that could ...2011.01.23 17:10:00
- I'm very interested in your onions. (not a typo)Those are my onions. You can't have any! ...2011.01.23 16:49:00

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