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- best FPS-type game I've ever played. better than css. for some reason, I don't seem to be very goo ...2009.01.29 18:24:00
- Sorry, I fell asleep half way through .. what happened?My bus broke down, it was bad. I took a pict ...2009.01.28 16:32:00
- BEST. ZOMBIE ARTICLE. EVER.Not that I've read too many, but I think that'll take some beating. ...2009.01.28 13:51:00
- My belly button collects fluff over the course of the day, does that count? ...2009.01.28 13:37:00
- Heres my story;This morning some **** jumped in front of my train and made me late by 2 hours.The en ...2009.01.28 13:36:00
- Culmen you failed to edit in the links to the MS Paint pics TX; that is a wall of text Slade1, 2, ...2009.01.28 13:32:00
- Edited by: The TX on 28/01/2009 03:37:17im using a laptop with a 22" monitor attached >_>o\Is that a ...2009.01.28 03:36:00
- Get a laptop and run it alongside your desktop... problem solved im using a laptop with a 22" moni ...2009.01.28 03:34:00
- The Onion: Supreme Court: Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass'My favourite ONN video ever. So far. Bec ...2009.01.28 03:27:00
- Linkage Love it. ...2009.01.28 03:20:00
- I've just made the longest post on a forum that I've ever made before.It's a boring bus story, but i ...2009.01.28 03:08:00
- </thread>I laughed, I lost. Really badly. ...2009.01.26 15:57:00
- i smoked and drove for YEARS with not one unsafe incident. you are calmer and more cautious. I think ...2009.01.17 17:27:00
- police that is NOT police train station personal have that blue uniform in most ex-communist coun ...2009.01.17 17:23:00
- Link is borked.You've got the URL there, but you've linked it to 'null' ...2009.01.17 17:22:00

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